Exmouth Bed and Breakfast

A popular seaside destination, the town of Exmouth is situated in Devon in the South West of England.

Taking its name from the local river, the River Exe, Exmouth means the 'mouth of the Exe'. This town is quite peculiar in that there is no evidence of early Roman settlers, although a few Roman coins have been discovered in the area. The old docks have recently been developed into a Marina, but their history can be traced back as far as the 11th century when they were used as a Ferry Port. Today, however, Exmouth is better known for it's two miles of sandy beaches.

The area developed significantly in the mid 1800s when the first railway station was built. Subsequently, there was a boon in tourism and residential building. Much of the town's architecture is either Georgian or Victorian and remains to this day.

Exmouth's fine examples of terraced houses and the impressive coastline of sandy beaches has meant it has always been a popular destination for tourists. Admiral Horatio Nelson, noted for his pivotal role in the Napoleonic Wars, was fond of the area and his wife, Lady Nelson, lies inhumed in the Littleham Churchyard.

There is little to compare with waking up to the comforting, enticing smells of fresh bacon and sausage frying while the coffee pot brews, especially in this wonderful seaside town. On this historic coastline there are a number of tasteful and friendly establishments with grand views and that extra element of luxury one hopes for when away from home.

The Bed and Breakfasts of Exmouth vary in their style and approach to accommodations. Some are family orientated while others tend towards the quieter getaway. Whatever your wants, they are sure to offer a high standard of personable service in one of the most scenic spots in the country.